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Our Program

Our Program

Fairy Tale looks after children aged 0 to 12 years and all communication is done in English.

Our unique art programs are developed with the children's imagination in mind in order to draw out the children's creativity.

Let's look at the communication between our staff and a kid at Fairy Tale.

A kid is drawing and we ask a question to her:



"What's this mouse doing?" 

"She is singing!" 

"What is the song like?"

"Well... It's about her mom..., and a happy song!" 

"That's nice! She looks very happy." 

"Hey! Next I want to perform this song with everybody!" 

"Sure! That's a wonderful idea!" 

This is how she shifts from drawing to pretend playing now at Fairy Tale.

Our Programs at Fairy Tale are all up to the children.

Whenever the children come up with ideas from their infinite imagination,

our experienced staff make them come true organizing the original programs.

Certainly we prepare lots of art materials as a starting point,

but we do not push the preps to the children and do cherish how children's curiosity grows.   

We have skilled staff who sincerely try to face the children's every feeling and sympathize with it, and have deliberate preps and know-hows.

This is why we can provide our special programs.

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