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Courses and Fees


Full Day Course

6months 〜 6 years old


This is the course for children who want to enjoy various art activities and more in a fully-English environment.

Morning Course​

6months 〜 6 years old


This is the course for children who have not yet been used to English or a group setting life.

Nursery Course

Full Day Course

Full Day Course

Course Outline

If you would like your child to learn English, it is ideal for them to spend as much time as possible in an English-speaking environment. This is because infancy is the best time to absorb new information most efficiently.

When they immerse themselves in English, they naturally get used to hearing and speaking English. Moreover, it lets them learn social skills and collaboration while spending regular and healthy group time at our nursery room.

Not to mention, our full day course not only benefits the children but also the parents who both work during the day.

​●Target Age: 6 months - 6 years old

Days:           Monday-Friday (1day-5days)

​●Hours:         9:00-17:00(Negotiable to expand)

Fee:          Please see below

Schedule of a Day

9:00          Coming to Fairy Tale / Free Time

9:40           Morning Circle Time

10:00        Activity Time

11:30          Lunch

12:30          Nap Time

15:00         Snack Time

15:30          Activity Time

16:45          Good-Bye Circle Time

17:00         Good Bye

Morning Course

Morning Course

Course Outline

Children enjoy various activities in English for 4 hours in the morning.

This is the course if he/she is not yet used to being in a group setting or an English-speaking environment.

​●Target Age: 6 months - 6 years old

Days:           Monday-Friday (1day-5days)

​●Hours:         9:00-13:00(Negotiable to expand)

Fee:          Please see the below

Schedule of a Day

9:00           Coming to Fairy Tale/Free Time

9:40            Morning Circle Time

10:00         1st Activity

10:40         2nd Activity

11:30           Lunch


12:30          Free Time


12:45          Good-by Circle Time

Course Fee

Admission Fee: ¥ 10,800

Courses and Fees​

Full Day Course

​​D/W: ¥ 39,310(Only over 3 year-old kids )

D/W: ¥ 73,000(Only over 3 year-old kids)

D/W: ¥ 101,080

D/W: ¥ 123,550

D/W: ¥ 140,400


*Please ask our staff for expansion fee ​

Morning Course

​​D/W: ¥ 23,580(Only over 3 year-old kids)


D/W: ¥ 43,800(Only over 3 year-old kids)

​​D/W: ¥ 60,650(Only over 3 year-old kids)

​​D/W: ¥ 74,130

​​D/W: ¥ 84,240

Fee for Temporary Child Care


Member's Rate​

Visitor's Rate​

●2 hours: ¥ 3,670

●3 hours: ¥ 5,500

●4hours: ¥ 7,340

●5hours: ¥ 8,640

●6hours: ¥ 9,930

●7hours: ¥11,230

​Fee for Expansion:¥460 / 15min.

●2hours: ¥ 4,320

●3hours: ¥ 6,480

●4hours: ¥ 8,640

●5hours: ¥10,260

●6hours: ¥11,880

●7hours: ¥13,500

​Fee for Expansion:¥540 / 15min.


​¥600 / Day​

We can serve Bento-lunch box of FCN K.K..

 FCN is run by an experienced dietitian and provides additive-free, nutritious food. 

Cancellation Policy

Please let us know immediately if you cannot come on a scheduled date.

Please be reminded that we may need to ask you to pay the cancellation fee if the notice of cancellation is late.  

<Cancellation Fee for Regular Courses>

*If you notify us a month in advance, there is no penalty and the original fee will be returned in full.

*If you notify us less than a month in advance the original fee will not be returned.

<Cancellation Fee for Temporary Childcare>

*If you notify us more than a day before, there is no penalty and the original fee will be returned in full. 

*If you notify us a day before, 50% of the original fee will be returned.

*If you notify us on the scheduled day, the original fee will not be returned.

Special Offer

●Discount for brothers/sisters:20% off for a second child from your family

​●Discount for reffering a friend:Free 2-hour temporary childcare if your friend becomes a member

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