ごあいさつ・greeting ヘッド
Greeting ・Staff
ごあいさつ・greeting ヘッド.

We created Fairy Tale to be

a place where children's eyes are

always sparkling with joy.

I have been involved in different types of early-childhood education

from certified nurseries and preschools in Japan to child education

facilities abroad as well as baby-sitting at homes.

Based on my experience, I started this small-group day care center

"Fairy Tale" in hope of creating a loving environment providing close

personal attention to each child where they can build a healthy body

and mind, receive bilingual education and be spiritually inspired by art.

The name "Fairy Tale" represents our hope that "children have fun

and excitement as if they were in a world of fairy tales." they see, hear, touch

Children are like flowers and plants--everything they see, hear, touch

and taste serve as sunshine and water and help them grow strong.

We will be the sunshine and water for your child

Director of 『Fairy Tale』 Seiko Ishii

ごあいさつ・greeting ヘッド

Director of Fairy Tale

Seiko Ishii (nursery school teacher)

Graduated from Department of Child Care,

Tokyo Kasei Junior College.

Worked as a nursery school teacher at certified

nursery schools and preschools since 2002.

With the wealth of experience in child-care in

foreign countries (USA, Canada and Africa) as a volunteer

child education provider and baby-sitter,

a small-group day care room "Fairy Tale" was launched.

As I have traveled quite a lot and met a lot of children,

I found out that all the children are brimming with curiosity and

love to play, and I love to have fun too! Please visit us and

let's have some fun together♪


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